Tips For Controlling Foot Sweat And The Odor It Causes

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Foot odor can be a real problem for some people. It's usually associated with feet that sweat a lot, so finding a way to deal with sweat can help reduce the odor. While sweaty and smelly feet may seem like something to joke about, it can be an embarrassing situation that causes you a great deal of concern, and it can even affect your social life. Here are some ways to deal with the condition.

Use Underarm Antiperspirant On Your Feet

Consider using your underarm antiperspirant on your feet. Applying it before you put on socks and shoes for the day might control perspiration so you sweat less. The product may also help deodorize your feet, or you can use a separate foot deodorant on your shoes and socks to help control odor. If you can keep your feet from sweating as much, the odor might not be as noticeable.

Wear Different Shoes Frequently

Don't wear the same shoes every day when you have a problem with sweating and foot odor. By skipping a day or two before you wear them again, your shoes have time to dry out and air out. Spray your shoes with deodorant after you wear them to help control the odor or sprinkle foot powder that kills bacteria in the shoes. It may also help to wear shoes made of leather or shoes that have ventilation so air can circulate while you wear them. Sandals that provide good foot support might be an option in warmer weather so sweat can evaporate rather than soak into your shoes.

See A Podiatrist

If your sweaty and smelly feet are a problem for you, then see a podiatrist. A podiatrist might recommend antibacterial products for your shoes or for washing your feet that keep odor-causing bacteria at bay. You might be given a prescription antiperspirant that's stronger than what you can buy over the counter. Your podiatrist might even consider a treatment such as Botox injections in your feet that reduce sweating for a period of weeks or months at a time.

Plus, a podiatrist can educate you on lifestyle changes that might help, such as changing your diet and adopting a foot care routine. The doctor can also treat associated foot problems that might cause smelly feet or result from excess perspiration, such as fungal infections. While it's normal for everyone to sweat and have foot odor occasionally, when it's such a problem that you hate to take off your shoes or you're afraid coworkers will smell your feet at work, it's time to see a podiatrist to find an effective way to eliminate the problem.

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