Is It Time To See A Podiatrist? These Considerations Should Help You Decide

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If you're like most people, you've experienced your fair share of leg and foot problems throughout the years. But if you're experiencing ongoing issues, it might be time to see a podiatrist. The following considerations should help you determine whether making a consultation appointment with your local podiatrist is a good idea:

At Least One Foot Seems to Swell and Hurt Regularly

One sign that you should make an appointment with a podiatrist is if at least one of your feet seems to keep swelling up and feeling uncomfortable as time goes on. Swelling, pain, or numbness once in awhile may not be a reason for alarm, especially if resting and a little ice takes care of the problem and it doesn't come right back. But if you find yourself icing your foot or having to take a break off your feet due to pain and swelling multiple times throughout the week, it's a good idea to see a podiatrist and determine whether you have an underlying problem to address.

You've Noticed the Development of Growths

While it might be normal for a callus, corn, or bunion to grow on a foot once in awhile, it could be cause for concern if growths don't go away and end up affecting the way you walk and move your body overall. It could be that the growths are causing pain or unhealthy walking habits, or a something like a compromised gait could be the cause of your growths. Either way, a podiatrist can help you determine the root cause of your problems and create a treatment plan that provides you with long-term relief.

You're in Pain During or After Your Runs

If you run for exercise or sport on a regular basis, you're making yourself susceptible to the development of problems like shin splints. Due to the pressure running puts on your body, regular runs could affect everything from your balance to your gait and cause pain and other problems as time goes on. Working with a podiatrist will give you the opportunity to identify potential hazards and learn how to avoid those hazards when you run. Your podiatrist can also provide you with recommendations for special running gear you can wear to minimize pressure and stress in your legs and feet.

If any of the signs outlined here pertain to your situation, contact a pediatric clinic like East Village Foot & Ankle Surgeons to schedule a consultation appointment. They'll assess your situation and provide you with important feedback that can help ensure that you live pain and problem free for many years to come.